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We have seen so much; we haven't done that much 


Our Mission

The Global Forum on Health and Migration  (PerForMHealth), supported by the Università Cattolica, Rielo Institute for Integral Development and Agenzia di Ricerche e Legislazione - AREL,  is conceived as as a platform for an open end discussion on migration, physical and mental health of migrants, public health, emergency aid,  and related social, political and economic issues.
The objective is to hear the voices and integrate the work of various institutions, international organizations, universities, civil societies and the private sector on the common field of health and migration.
 Global PerForMHealth will meet its objectives by working on the following activities:
1. Share experiences, best practices and issues related to health and migration.
2. Advocate globally the rights to good health for migrants.
3. Interact with the universities and all educational institutions to offer post graduate programs, seminars and workshops.
4. Organize local, national and international conferences for the exchange of best practices and experiences and share collected data on various topics related to health and migration.
5. Support scientific interdisciplinary research on the national and international level in the field of health and migration to better understand the issues and possible solutions in this field.
6. Promote International cooperation by offering the Forum expertise in the field of health and migration.
Members of the forum are both institutions and individuals.

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